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Americana, Roots, and Soul-Infused Music 

Balancing the perfect mix of 60’s AM radio, and a Saturday night in the garage with a few good friends and few guitars, Frank Migliorelli and The Dirt Nappers kick open “the doorway to a vibrant and beautiful gathering of songs from a clearly experienced and passionate songwriter."

- Rebecca Cullen,

Mid-Feb 2018 Update

Been a bit busy the past few days, under the influence of the senseless shooting in Florida, Feb 14, I put together a song entitled “Only Here”. Take a listen, download a copy the demo here and feel free to get involved with “Every Town For Gun Safety” . And we haven’t had a full band show in AGES, so March 24th we’re taking over The Green Growler for an evening  of music- so swing by. We also have a few more Singer-Songwriter Shows at The Growler- March brings us two faves- Robinson Treacher and Sherryl Marshall on March 15. We’ve also begun posting some demos and idea for you to hear on a private page, so make sure you sign up for the newsletter and like the Facebook page to get release notices.



“Frank Migliorelli and The Dirt Nappers are a group of undoubtedly talented musicians who write classic, timeless songs flavored with pop, rock and roots that you’ll want to listen on repeat.”

Byron William, Indie-Spoonful

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Bass, Drums, Guitars & Organs 

Top 5 Albums Of The Year-Radio Crystal Blue

Best of 2017-NBT Music Radio/Germany

City Eastern Serenade 

The debut album featuring 8 original tunes including “When We Reach The Other Side”.

“Migliorelli and company have produced a winner in the vein of Tom Petty’s Wildflowers or early Wilco efforts.”

Shawn Donohue, Glide Magazine

(Read the interview here)

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Frank Migliorelli has written and published a library of music for advertising agencies, children's publishers, and video game projects. He's been a finalist in top songwriting competitions and performs either solo, or with his band, The Dirt Nappers

In 1989, he founded RaveOn Records, an indie label focussing on NY blues, soul and R&B artists. He’s recorded such great artists including the award-winning duo "Satan and Adam", Bill Perry-"Love Scars”, The Uptown Horns and a number of other album releases. At the end of the last century, he stopped producing other artists and began focussing on  writing and scoring.

He's written and produced music for a 20th Century Fox "X-Files" video game, numerous children’s video games and educational games for Scholastic and Sunburst, and even wrote a soundtrack for a "Chippendales" video…..

Over the past ten years, he’s abandoned commercial projects, and started The Dirt Nappers as a way to produce  and publish singer-songwriter material. “When you’ve done everything from writing music for little kids, ad agencies and half-naked guys in bowties,” says Migliorelli, “you want to step back and try something different.”

Rooted deep in the best of American folk, rock n' roll and soul, Frank and the band just want to go out and play......all night long if you let them.

“Some people just have the skills of a singer-songwriter in their genes. New York-based Frank Migliorelli is such an artist.”-- RootsTime/Valsam

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Werbevideos und Produktfilme

Frank’s Occasional Blog

The Dirt

Worth a read every year for the now famous top-ten music picks of the year, but also once in while insights to a variety of things musical and not always musical.


The Singer Songwriter Series at The Green Growler

A monthly series curated and hosted by Frank Migliorelli at The Green Growler, located in Croton on Hudson, NY.  Featuring an eclectic group of talent from around the country, this performance series focuses on the craft of songwriting and original music in an intimate, craft-beer-infused setting.

Check out the series page and calendar on Facebook.


Free Download 

“When The Circus Ends” got a Honorable mention in American Songwriter Magazine in June! We’re pleased to offer you a free download of the song on Soundcloud or Bandcamp, and a look at our music video on YouTube. WARNING- NOT FOR COULROPHOBES!!!

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Live Shows

“Frank Migliorelli sings and performs with a sort of summer fun you can’t replicate. It’s more than just classic Americana. " 

- Alexis Arnold, Indie Band Guru





“When The Circus Ends” 

American Songwriter Magazine

Lyric Contest Honorable Mention

“Rafferty Train” 


“Bass,Drums,Guitars & Organs”

Audio & Press Kit

"Frank Migliorelli and The Dirt Nappers tap into the heart and soul of rock and roll with “Bass, Drums, Guitars & Organs”. Representing the best Americana can offer, there is true grit with the intimate, perfectly crafted sound."

- Beach Sloth


Finalist-Great American Song Competition

“Wound Up Woman”

Available on “Bass,Drums,Guitars & Organs”

Honorable Mention-American SongWriter Magazine Lyric Competition “When The Circus Ends”

Available as a free download. 

Honorable Mention-Great Lakes Song Competition

“And It Feels Like Chains”

Available on “City Eastern Serenade” 

Finalist-International Song Writing Competition

“Harry The  Dirty Dog” -Children’s Music


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